Private transportation from Tupiza to Villazon or Villazon to Tupiza ,

in the way we visit places like: The Narrow, Entre Rios and Nazarene.  transfers can be private (1 ½ hours) or public service buses (2 ½ hours). (Hours)

From Tupiza to Potosi

the world's highest city 4500th vice versa.

The transfers can be private (5 hours) or public service buses (8 hours). (Hours)

From Tupiza to Tarija.

The transfers can be private (5 hours) or public service buses (8 hours). (Hours)

  •  In cities Visits with guides.

  •  For the circuit in the 4x4 Driver / Guide (same person).

  •  Local guides for the ascent of the Volcanoes.

  • Bilingual guides in English (the driver or the cook, does not occupy another space) with additional cost in advance to book the same, we have only 3 guides in English.

DRIVERS / GUIDES: All drivers are professionals, have a great experience, knowledge of routes and mechanics to solve any eventuality.

SEASON: With increased security from March to December during the dry season. We also work during the rainy season by taking certain precautions or route changes. Time generally sunny but cold at night (8 ° to 20 ° under -0).

BAGGAGE: The 4x4 loaded the team during the trip.

FOOD: During the expeditions, a cook accompanies them (o), 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft drinks, mineral water and energy bars for promotion.

LEVEL: nontechnical ascents, regular earrings small landslides and strong winds. Forestall height acclimatization.

ADDITIONAL oxygen bottle, sleeping bags, lodging in hotels or hostels salt ecological guides in English-Spanish bilingual.

ADAPTATION: You need to possess an ability to adapt to cope with the unexpected or poor comfort (bad roads, weather -25 degrees!), taking into account that we are in the poorest department of Bolivia and depressed. It is a totally tours adventure where anything is possible and nothing is certain.

PROTECTION OF SITES: The ecological balance of the regions in which it operates Tupiza Tours is very important to keep it, so that each participant is responsible actor for the care of places visited. Our purpose is to conserve and care for nature for the benefit of all.